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Copyright @ Solent

Films, videos and broadcasts

Film, video and broadcasts are all subject to strict copyright conditions, you will need to take care when using these materials for your teaching.   Solent Library's ERA Licence permits you to use recorded broadcast materials, for example the recording and use of radio and television programmes and clips in your teaching and learning environment, which includes remote access and inclusion into Solent Online Learning Moodle pages. 

Other sources of broadcast materials includes the library's access to Box of Broadcasts service (BoB) and for educational use, the catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD  You may watch & listen to streamed videos/audio for educational and non-commercial use only within the United Kingdom; share and embed both programmes and clips into Moodle and you must include full acknowledgement under the ERA Licensing scheme. Always check the resource’s terms and conditions before use.

YouTube provides access to a huge number of videos but if you use any within your teaching you should apply great care. Many videos are uploaded without the rights holder’s permission, therefore illegal. Best practice is to only use videos from official channels such as the BBC or Channel 4, then use the YouTube player embed code provided under the term 'share'.

For more information on using Films, Audiovisual Works and Images in Online Teaching view the papers written by Emily Hudson.

Code of Fair Practice for the use of Audiovisual works in Film Education

"This 2023 Code of Fair Practice aims to help UK film educators make informed decisions around the lawful use of copyright protected films and other audiovisual materials for educational purposes. It is based on the views and statements collected through two main research exercises: a series of online workshops held in 2020, where 48 film academics from 32 different Higher Education institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland participated;and a follow-up questionnaire completed by 64 film educators".

Use this link to view and read the Code of Fair Practice for the use of Audiovisual works in Film Education

Learning on Screen: The British Universities and Colleges Film and Video Council
The Code of Fair Practice for the Use of Audiovisual Works in Film Education is distributed under a Creative Commons-Attribution licence: